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Physical & Mental Strength For Life

The wahoo fish is a fighter: fast, powerful and courageous!

Welcome to Wahoo Watersports & Youth Foundation, the ultimate hub of adventure where young (and the young-at-heart) riders unleash their independence, conquer mental challenges, and dive into a world of thrilling water skills, all while having an absolute blast!


The Wahoo Mission

Wahoo Watersports was created with the aim of making a positive impact on children's lives. We invite riders to embark on exhilarating wake sports experiences that ignite their bravery, enhance mental resilience, and cultivate a strong sense of self-confidence.

[We welcome ALL  with an adventurous spirit, so there's no age limit: Adults are welcome to come learn with us!]


Ride the Waves, Feel the Rush! Wahooooo!

Big Air

Physical + Mental Strengthening Programs

Shred into the thrilling world of Wahoo Watersports, where we ignite the power within every child, fostering their mental strength, courage, and unwavering belief in themselves through our exciting foundational program. Join us in this enriching, fun-filled environment where small successes and triumphs cultivate the unstoppable "wahoo can do" attitude!


We haven't forgotten about our "young-at-heart".  Adventurous adults are also welcome! 

Afro American Kid

Word on the water

Trystian spent summer 2021 with Grant and Jade and the transformation we saw in him was incredible! He is so much more confident and is now totally stoked to try just about anything that can ride on water!!!


Spending time with Grant and Jade is a lot of fun. They introduced me to a new wake sport...wake skating is now part of our family's favorite   


Thanks to Jade and Grant for encouraging our kids to enjoy getting on the lake again.  The only problem, I might have to buy a new boat!


How they feel about us

Shop for impact and make a difference in a child's life.  Can't wait for summer?! Neither can we!
Get ready for summer with our swim wear collections, merchandise and toys! 

All profits are reinvested into our programs, and our charity retreats and events

Give the gift of strength 

Buy a Gift Card today to impact a child's life. Gift cards can be used for lessons, merchandise or donation. Your generosity will go directly to giving a child an experience like no other. An experience that will develop their mental and physical strength.  Thank you for your generosity and the gift that will transform a child.

Champions & Sponsors

Thank you to all our sponsors, partners and champions for your support!
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Contact Us

For more information about Wahoo Watersports, our programs, activities, and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We're in Alberta! Wahoo is located in Calgary, AB and operates our lessons, programs at Gleniffer Lake.  Our meeting place and parking lot is here

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