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About Us

Our Mission

Empower youth to build their physical strength and mental toughness.

Our Vision

Build a generation of fierce, courageous and powerful youth.


Our "FIRE" Values

  • Fun. Provide a fun, safe, and enriching learning environment

  • Inclusiveness.  Make watersports accessible to ALL.

  • Respect. We celebrate everyone's uniqueness and capabilities.

  • Excellence.  We strive for continuous improvement to meet the needs of our youth.

Our Approach

Building physical strength: Our Wahoo watersports program offers an incredible variety of programs and activities, dedicated and qualified staff who are committed to the enjoyment, skills enrichment, and safety of all our riders.


Building mental toughness: We think of ourselves as your child's mental coaches and inner-strength mentors...encouraging them to believe in themselves. Like the wahoo fish, we believe every child is different: in colours, stripes, and fierceness. Let's celebrate their uniqueness.

meet the team


Jade O'Hearn
Executive Director/Coach

John Walls
Program Director

Grant Waslen

Director/Head Coach

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