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Our Programs

Unleash Your Adventure: Thrilling Watersports, Safe Rides, and Mental Strength at Wahoo Watersports


Physical Strength Training

Experience total fun with our range of watersports: wakeboarding, knee boarding, and water skiing.  

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable water adventure, our Foundations programs are designed to cater to new riders, helping them discover the perfect water sport to kickstart their journey. Check out our Achievement Cards to shred into a world of thrilling experiences and unlock epic achievements along the way. Don't miss out on the excitement – start your water adventure with us today!



Mental Skills Training

We help our riders to become more confident, courageous and self-assured. We integrate mental performance strategies, tactics and skills into our physical activities and sports programs.

What is mental skills training? Well, it's about mental wellness, emotional well-being and resiliency. Learn from Canadian Psychology Sport Association here

and check out our blog page.

Lesson Pricing

Kids 6-16: $100/hr

Adults 17+: $150/hr

All sessions include:

  • Instructions: dry-land training; in-water runs; boat and water safety, mental performance training/tips.

  • Equipment: lifejacket, wet suit, wakeboard or waterskis; rope, boom (for younger beginners), rope.

  • Lake access (private parking available)

  • Bring your own towel, water bottle and a fun attitude!  We highly encourage marine-safe sunscreens because we love our lake!

We're at the mercy of mother nature, so can only provide lessons when the lake fills up...weekends only July & August.  Check our booking calendar for limited dates; here.

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